Peaceland -Japanese Garden Photo’s And Details

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Thank you for reading my Japanese Garden Blog, I have recently been working on a new exciting development for enthusiasts and been dealing with the countless e mails that I recieve- very gratefully from enthusiasts. One from a lady who wanted to know why paths in Japanese gardens are always curved and never straight. It is generally accepted that this is the case because the Japanese firmly believe that ‘evil ‘ spirits can only travel in a straight line.

Steve a reader of my book ‘Japanese And Zen Gardens’ available at has told me all about a beautiful haven in the UK called ‘PeaceLand’- a superb Japanese and Zen Garden. He is in the process of letting me have ( to publish) for this Blog pictures of the garden. I will be posting these over the next few days and giving you a location to visit. Please do share your thoughts and pictures with me and my readers. Either post them here or e mail me at I would be very interested to hear from you!

For more information about Japanese Gardens go to

For registering for FREE information go to

Keep visiting for new posts! Have a good day.


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