Green Plants In Japanese Gardens

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You may or may not have noticed an absence of ‘flowers’ in Japanese gardens. This is because the Japanese prefer the use of minimal colour, giving rise to the importance of GREEN plants in any Japanese garden. Some plants with colourful blooms are sometimes used near the entrance to a Japanese Garden. Lots of plants that would appear in western replicas of Japanese gardens are usually indigenous to Japan and are imported. Climate does prohibit the successful transfer of some varieties. Sugar maple and firebush can be used for example to give the garden some seasonal colour. Really look at some of the pictures on the Blog to see the combination of Water,Stone and Plants. you will really get a sense for what looks right and why they are where they are!

For more detailed information on greenery in Japanese gardens and the use of plants go to our website and get our FREE design book on all aspects of Japanese syle gardens CLICK HERE



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