Japanese Gardens Around The World

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog once again. today I am continuing with the list and indeed some suggestions for Japanese gardens to see around the world.  In Canada a very famous garden is located at the Nitobe Memorial Garden in Vancouver in British

In the United Kingdom try the following:

Dartington Hall in Devon

Harewood House in Leeds

Holland Park in London

Tatton Park in Cheshire

Plus there is an interesting one at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

I am about to relaese full details of ‘Peaceland’ Japanese garden that is located in the central UK, I have extensive photo’s and details thanks to a reader of this Blog, Steve. Please feel free to reccomend Japanese gardens to me from all over the world so I can share it with my readers. Any phot’s you have taken would be much appreciated to share with readers.

In Ireland there is a beautiful Japanese garden at the Irish National Stud in Kildare, Co Kildare.

Scotland has a fine example, that was opened in 2002 , at Lauriston Castle in Edinburgh.

Finally, some Japanese garden reccomendations for Austraila.

Australia~ The Cowra Japanese garden in Cowra, New South Wales. It’s a strolling garden with great use of Lanterns, see the Upper lake if you visit it.

There is a database of Japanese gardens that you can find at http://www.jgarden.org. Worth a look!

Tomorrow I will be posting Japanese Gardens in the United States of America, South America and maybe some hidden gems that you are aware of! Please e mail me with your thoughts and information as well as any questions that you may have.

To learn more that  about JAPANESE GARDENs take a look at my FREE video at : www.japzengardens.org/freevideo.htm


Talk to you tomorrow.


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