‘Pureland’ Japanese Garden

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I had a very interesting e mail from Blog reader Steve, who also has read my Japanese gardens book. He sent me details of an exquisitely beautiful Japanese Garden in the UK called ‘Pureland’. Steve has given me several photo’s to share with you on this blog which I am more than happy to do!

Steve informs me that it was created by Maitreya (Koji Takeuchi) who was a meditation master. He came to England on a friends invitation and began to teach and lecture at various places around the country.

Eventually he ought a property at a place called North Clifton that became known as ‘Pureland’. It is siutuated near Newark in Nottinghamshire. Infact it’s halfway between Newark and Gainsborough just off the A1133. It’s postal code is NG23 7AT, so it’s easy to find on a route finder service on the internet.

I am going to display a few of Steve’s photo’s over the next few days and thank him for allowing me to share them with you. Steve also said that he found my website www.japzengardens.org ‘very informative and interesting’. Take a look, it’s made especially for enthusiasts of Japanese gardens.


Have a good day and watch out for the photo’s!


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