More News About My Japanese Gardens Empire!!! (Sad I Know!!!!)

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Thanks for reading my blog . I just wanted to let you know that I have created a Google Page for Japanese Gardens. It is designed to let people know about this Blog, and as you are reading this you are already one step ahead of other people. Somebody e mailed me on sunday asking if I was considering a subscription site! Well I am a believer in walking before running! BUT it is a distinct possibility and a great way of creating a community for lovers of these fantastic gardens. Let me know If you would be interested in a site like that.

Anyway, I do have as I have mentioned some excitinf developments in the near future and the Google Page is set up to get people not only to visit my blog but also to register for updates on what I am planning for my fellow Japanese garden lovers. Take a look it’s at:

Just type that into your browser- WITHOUT the www. at the beginning.

Have a great day- don’t forget tomorrow I will be posting about ‘Stepping Stones’!


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