Stepping Stones In Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for reading my blog again. Today in response to a couple of questions from readers ( e mail me at I am writing a few words on stepping stones in Japanese gardens.The flow of your garden will dictate where you place your stones- when you set stepping stones it is generally a rule of thumb that they should be between one and three inches above the soil and of course, be solid beneath your feet. Most Japanese gardeners and designers place the stones in position first before adding plants. In odd exceptions planting trees can mean the reverse of this.

Smaller stones are for feet and sometimes are offset right and left to mimic a birds footprints! Larger double stones are placed for walkers in the garden to stop on and admire the view and surroundings. Essentially, you should follow the flow of your ‘space’ and acquire the right stones to match their surroundings.

There are in fact 5 basic types of stones used in Japanese Rock gardens and tomorrow I will list them by name for you.

To find out more about Japanese and Zen gardens go to :

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