The 5 Main Types Of Stones In Japanese Gardens

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It is generally accepted that there are 5 main types of stones used in Japanese rock gardens. These rocks incidentally can be used lterally in 1000’s of combinations, so there is plenty of scope for creativity! Below is a list of the 5 main types of Stones that can be used in Japanese gardens:

1) Soul Stone- a low vertical stone

2) Body Stone- normally tall and vertical.

3) Heart Stone or flat stone

4) Branching Stone or Arching stone

5) Ox Stone – this can also be know as the ‘reclining’ stone.

The Japanese also include in their gardens much smaller stones that have no strict title and therefore do not fit any of the above categories. you may see them referred to as ‘Helping’ or ‘throwaway’ stones.

To find out more about the use of rocks and stones and all things ‘Japanese Gardens!’ go to :

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