Why Are Japanese Gardens So Peaceful?

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Good question! Infact this question from Cynthia Ramez in Califiornia is fairly simply answered. Japanese gardens are simple in their form think ‘Less is more’. Japanese gardens usually have the simplest materials to create a peaceful look. This means that they are not expensive to create, understanding the principles of Japanese gardens is the key.

A lot of people think that they are expensive because they have to be packed with exotic plants and flowers.
This is incorrect. Simplicity equals calmness and if a Japanese garden is well designed it will NOT be expensive to make and will be relatively carefree.

For more information about Japanese Gardens try my manual at www.japzengardens.org

Have a good day!

Ps , you will see yesterday that I have posted a link to a survey I am conducting as research for my new manual on Japanese gardens. I really want to hear from you and for taking part in the survey you could get a FREE copy of my new manual. See the link in yesterdays post on this Blog.


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