Want To Read The Worlds Number One Manual On Japanese Gardens?

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Good! Because I need your help! I am in the process of putting together what I firmly believe will be the best value, information packed ‘Japanese Garden’ all singing and dancing manual in the world. It will be covering all aspects of Japanese gardens in the most detailed. way possible. BUT I want your help!! On the right hand side of this blog page in light blue type it says ‘My Japanese Garden Survey! Let Me Know What You Want’.

CLICK on that, and let me know the most important question you can think of about Japanese Gardens.Make it something that you would really like the answer to or some help with.

Thanks to all the people who have responded so far, I really appreciate it. But I would like more!!! So please take 30 seconds, it is Sunday a day of rest after all! Give me your request and I will do my very very best to answer your question in the new forthcoming ‘Mother Of All Japanese Garden Manauls’

For more information on Japanese gardens right now got to : www.japzengardens.org

Have a good day!


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