Elements Of A Japanese Garden, Real Or Symbolic

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 Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog.

Today I am just doing a short post for the benefit of people who wish to start with the ‘basics’ of Japanese gardens. Tomorrow, I will post on the main types of Japanese gardens. Once you understand both these principles and study further, hopefully using my blog as a useful tool, you will start to put the jigsaw of the garden together!

A typical Japanese garden contains several of these elements:

An Island


A Lantern- almost certainly made of stone

A Bridge to an island- these symbolise a short journey from the real world to one of serenity and contemplation in a Japanese garden.

A Teahouse or a Pavilion.

I have not included shrubs, moss, trees, dry water etc as it’s best for new enthusiasts to keep things simple at this stage.

Please take a good look at the posts on my blog , there is a wealth of free information on it.

For more detailed information on Japanese gardens go to : www.japzengardens.org

Have a good day. 


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