The Japanese Garden Of Portland, Oregon USA

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog again. I do hope that you find the information useful and inspiring.

As I mentioned yesterday I have been talking to Kerry the head of media at Portland , Oregon’s Japanese garden in the USA and she very kindly agreed for me to post some photo’s on this blog for you to enjoy. It goes without saying that you cannot copy these images as they are the intellectual property not only of the photographers and only distributed under copyright. Just thought that I would point that out!

Ok, the garden itself was designed by Professor Takuma Tono in 1963. It is a 5.5 acre formal garden featuring 5 Japanese garden styles:

A Tea garden

A strolling pond garden

A natural garden

Sand and stone garden

A flat garden

All material and structures are 100 per cent authentic and the garden features a blend of natural scenery that is indigenious to Japan and the United States. Interestingly, many of the trees and shrubs were either donated or salvaged from homes, gardens and commercial complexes throughout the Portland metropolitan area.

This garden is an award winner and was recently named as the NUMBER ONE example of a Japanese garden and among the finest outside of Japan. And, it really is magnificent.

The garden is located in Washington Park in Portlands west hills.

The website is

There are daily guided tours between April and October and for adults admission is $8. there are concessions for students and senior citizens too. The garden executive director is …wait for this….a guy called Steve Bloom!

I cannot reccomend the garden anymore than in these words, thanks to Kerry in the media department for all her help. It is a Fantastic Japanese garden and whereever you live in the world one to put on your list to visit. 5 Stars!!!!!


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