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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog once again.

I have been really digging around to bring you new os some of the best Japanese gardens in the world outside of Japan. By my approximate calcualtion there are  300 of them. I am talking to many of them at the moment with a view to writing posts on this blog about the creme de la creme! Before, I talk about a gem of a Japanese garden that is in the USA, I wanted to reassure you that I will be posting about pruning later this week. For great information about all aspects of Japanese gardens go to :


This garden is a joint project between the sister cities of Phoenix, Arizona and Himeji, Japan. The garden is know as Ro Ho En and the english translation is as follows:

Ro- Heron

Ho-Phoenix bird


This is a truly peaceful oasis for residents and tourists alike. If you stroll through the garden you can see mant traditional elements of the Japanese garden art form. There are stone footbridges, Lanterns, Sculptures, a cobblestone beach and a stunning waterfall and stream. The first structure built was the Tea House and traditonal Tea ceremonies are regularly held here.
The surrounding landscape reflects the subtle seasonal changes of the Arizona climate- it opened in 1996. The Tea house was named by Sen Soshitsu, the former Tea master of the Urasenke School of Tea in Japan. He is a 15th generation descendent of Sen Rikyu, still regarded by many as the greatest Tea master.

The Tea House is named Musoan- in english it means “Teahouse of vision” or “Dream for the future”

I have a couple of photo’s of the Phoenix Japanese friendship garden and I will post them tomorrow with some information about that garden and contact information.

It is a beautiful garden, serene and relaxed and I would reccomend a visit if you are in the area!

The website can be viewed at :

Have a good day!

PS Don’t forget my question to you is ‘What do you want to know more about on the subject of Japanese gardens?’ I am collating and researching my new manual and I would like you to contribute to it. Please post a response or clik on the link in the right hand margin to let me know how I can help you. thank you . Russell!


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