Pruning Rules Of Thumb- Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog. And if it’s your first time, please keep coming back to read my daily posts.

I am compiling a new manual on Japanese gardens at the moment and one subject area that is often cropping up in my research requests is pruning. So without going into laborious detail I am today posting a few general thoughts and rules.

Most gardeners should be aware that pruning is generally a winter task, but it should never be done in freezing conditions. Tree wood shatters untidily in such conditions. If the winter temperatures are around 30 degrees farenheit, then you can do pruning or warmer of course!

Winter is a good time for pruning as you can literally see much more of what needs to be cut back and what you should leave. Plants at this time of year also are more receptive to being fiddled around with that when they are sprouting or in full bloom. Ornamental trees can be pruned to remove tangled and competing branches particularly if they send branches in all sorts of different directions like Flowering Dogwoods or Weeping Cherries for example.

Any branch that is growing toward’s a trees centre without access to sunlight should be pruned.

Japanese Maples and Red Maples really do need pruning, and you will have to force yourself to do it! The result will be a blooming plant. If you make a mistake don’t worry it will grow back!

Be busy and be brave.

There will be more detail about pruning in my new manual on Jap-anese gardens that I am writing right now., it should be available in the late autumn/ fall. For more immediate plain English jargon free information about Japanese gardens including: varities, what to grow and why, Stone use, Dry water and so much more go to:

Have a great day.


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