The Meaning Of The Elements Of A Japanese Garden

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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog, recently described by one reviewer as the internets number one Japanese gardens blog. I was nearly blushing! It is very nice though to know that this site is appreciated.

Janet Longthorne e mailed me via my direct contact just to ask about the meaning of elements in a Japanese garden. This information is covered fully in my manual and you can read it at :

But, for the benefit of Janet and other readers here are the essentials:

The basic elements of a Japanese garden are : Rocks, Gravel, Water, Moss, Stones, Fencing and some hedges.

Rocks are in the garden to bring spirituality and act as a centrepiec Japanese Shinto tradition says that rocks reflect the spirit of nature.

Gravel is used to imitate the flow of water.

‘Real’ Water is an essential part of a Japanese garden either in the form of a waterfall, stream or a pond.

If a Japanese garden has no water or gravel (dry water) it will be out of ‘balance’.

Tomorow I will post about Trees in Japanese gardens.

Please keep coming back to read my blog, it is updated daily and i can be contacted direct at :

Have a great day! 


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