Trees In Japanese Gardens

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On this post I wish to talk about ‘plants’ or ‘small trees’ in Japanese gardens. Bonsai trees/plants can be considered to be the ‘signature’ item of most Japanese gardens. Bonsai experts and enthusiasts are usually expert in training what many people would consider to be everyday average plants.

A Bonsai tree can range from a few centimetres high to maybe a metre in height and are kept ‘minature’ by putting wire in the branches, pruning, pinching for growth and re-potting frequently. The type of plants/ trees that are common in Japanese gardens are Cedar, Beech, Maple, Cherry, Holly, Pine, Cypress etc. The great thing is that looked after correctly they are miniature replicas of large established trees of the same varieties.

To learn more about Japanese gardens go to :  and if you want to know about Bonsai trees in particular there is a link to a manual on that side on the left hand side. It’s very interesting.

That’s it for today, have a great weekend. I will post again as usual tomorrow.


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