Zen In Japanese Gardens

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Today I am posting about the Zen tradition in Japanese gardens, which together with Shinto are a very large part of Japanese gardening. It is because of these predominant tradiotons a Japanese garden is a place of cntemplation and reflection and a visitors state of mind should reflect this when vsitiing one.

Zen Priests were Chinese in orogin and between 1185 and 13333 they began to influence Japanese residential buildings and gardens. Gardens were originally designed to be viewed from the inside of a building- visual appeal was a necessity. In the period 1333 to 1568 considered by many historians to be ‘the golden age ‘ of Japanese gardens, Zen Buddhism began to heavily influence Japanese gardens. A signature of these types of gardens is using groups of rocks to represent mountains or waterfalls. White sand was used to create the illusion of flowing water.

Japanese Rock gardens are amongst some of the most beautiful examples of these serene havens.

To find out more about Zen in Japanese gardens read my manual , everything you need is at http://www.japzengardens.org


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