Japanese Gardens Photographer William Corey

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Thanks for reading my Japanese Gardens blog.

In 1996, Williams Corey was invited by the Japanese government to officially photgraph the 3 Imperial Japanese Gardens in Japan. A great honour.

A collection of those photo’s are available to see on Williams website – www.williamcorey.com. You can order photo’s from the site too in various sizes. They are excceptional work. William has very kindly linked his site to my blog and has given me permission to post a couple of his photographs. I thank him for that.

Enjoy them and please check out William’s site , it is in my opinion the greatest collection of Japanese gardens photo’s on the internet.

Whilst on the subject of photo’s – as I write my huge gallery of Japanese gardens photo’s is being collated and listed for distribution to my customers absolutely FREE . To get your copy go to my website – www.japzengardens.org and try my manual risk free, as soon as the gallery is ready- which I hope will be by next weekend, I will send you one. It will feature 100 fantastic Japanese Gardens photo’s for you to keep and enjoy. Nobody, on the internet is offering this kind of service.

It is my pleasure to do so! Have a great day.

Go to: www.japzengardens.org


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