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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog. It is packed with lots of FREE and very useful information , please take a few minutes to browse past posts- it is updated daily by the way.

Today, as promised I am posting more on Bonsai in Japanese gardens- on the right hand side of this web page I have found a really good and cheap manual for you to read about all you have to do is click on the right hand ‘Little Know Secrets Of Bonsai’ link.

The Japanese Maple ( Acer palmatum) is often known as the Japanese Mountain Maple. there are a number of types of Japanese Maples to look at and learn about. This type of Maple is perhaps the most popular bonsai maple tree, the key is the bark is rough and ages very quickly. Giving it an old authentic look.

Varieties include: Nisjiki Gawa, Nishiki sho, Ara Kawa, Nishiki Issai – these are the rough bark varieties.

Some Maples have rather unusual bark- these types include the Aoyji and Sanku maple. Dwarf maples include The Kiyo-hime and Tama-hime. It is fair to say that these grow more like bushes than trees.

There are approximately 300 hybrids of the Japanese Maple, with leaves ranging from a deep burgundy colour to light green. The are all very durable trees but grow best in moist,fertile soil and they do not like too much sun!

Tomorrow I will post on Bonsai care.

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