Bonsai In Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog.

Today will be my final post for 8 days as I am going away for a few days for some rest and recreation in Greece. As soon as I return I will be posting daily as usual. Please feel free to keep on e mailing me with your comments, questions or queries as I will be answering them all upon my return too!

The post today is a brief overview of Bonsai in Japanese gardens. Bonsai , like so many things in Japanese culture originated from China and today Bonsai is a highly respected symbol of Japanese culture and ideals.

The Japanese tend to use only their native species for bonsai- pines, azaleas, and the maple varieties. In other parts of the world people are not so ‘narrow’ in their choice of species, this can often be dictated by climate. Today bonsai is very popular all over the world and is a hobby for many thousands of people.

They use their own techniques to sculpt and shape their bonsai as well as traditional methods that have been practiced in Japan for hundred of years using bamboo canes, wire, and other methods to get the finished result.

And, you know if you want to start very small it’s easy…yesterday I was in a local garden centre and you can buy a good quality potted Bonsai tree for around £10 ( that’s approx $20), not bad at all to get you going.

On the right hand side of this page is a ‘link’ to a very good bonsai information product – take a look.

For more information about Japanese gardens go to :

Have a great day!

PS I will be emailing all customers and people I have promised the free Japanese Gardens Picture gallery to when I am back from vacation. Watch your inbox!


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