No Japanese Gardens On My Greek Island!

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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog.

I have today returned from the beautiful Greek island of Spetses- very hot, extroadinarily beautiful, tourist free (well almost) and you can get there in two and a half hours by boat from Athens. I must admit I was beginning to wilt in temperatures approaching 43 degree celcius! Not suprisingly I could’nt locate a Japanese garden on the island but then if I am honest I only made a tertiary attempt.

So I am raring to go with lots of new posts and a few exciting projects coming up.

I have now in my posession my new Japanese garden gallery and it looks superb- 100 Japanese garden photo’s in colour and all the details that you need are included.

I have decided that between now and Sunday evening at 22.00 UK time every one who posts on the site with a comment or some interesting information aboutr Japanese gardens will get a FREE copy of the gallery! I will e mail it to you with my compliments. So what are you waiting for!!!!!!

Let me know what you think of my blog, what you would like more of …or less of!, any tips that you wish to share with my readers……the sky is the limit! Post and thou shalt get the gallery.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Anyone who has got my Japanese garden manual will automatically be sent one of these as a special gift from me, and any one who tries my manual will also get one free- so for the posts it’s a limited offer!!!

To try my manual go to:

Have a great day, and I am off to tend my 2 new Bonsai trees that I bought this morning!


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