Japanese Garden Landscaping

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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog.

As you no doubt know the Japanese are amongst the finest garden landscapers in the world, with the beautiful plants, flowering trees, water features such as Lotus ponds and bridges and of course the ‘natural’ use of rocks and stones.

Jaqpanese garden design is awe inspiring, and I have put together a fabulous free gallery of 100 pictures of the worlds greatest Japanese gardens. If you read my post of yesterday you can resrve your free copy now!

Japanese garden landscaping can be split into 3 main categories. Firstly, the Tsukiyama type- in simple English this means constructed mountain. A Tsukiyama  garden is essentially a garden with contours and hills. Sometimes they have ponds or streams with a selection of typical plants and shrubs. It is quite common for this type of garden to have a Japanese house or a Temple erecrted in the garden. the key to a Tsukiyama garden is that it will always have a number of vantage points to view the garden.

Tomorrow I will post information on the other 2 types of Japanese landscape gardening. Don’t forget to try my manual, it contains so much great information about Japanese gardens read all about it at www.japzengardens.org

Have a great day!


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