Japanese Bridges in Gardens and Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog.

Today I am doing a short post on the subject of Japanese bridges. By coincidence, I have discovered somebody who I think will be a very good supplier and I am in the process of checking out their site and operation before I reccomend them to you. But, suffice to say it’s looking good.

Japanese bridges are not only ornamental but beautiful too and can add a real touch of the ‘East’ to you garden or yard. Most are placed over small laeks or rivers or even over Koi carp ponds, the look so elegant. Also, they can be placed over ‘dry’ water like Zen garden dry riverbeds for example.

Many of the bridge designs that you can buy today are replica’s taken from ancient drawings and art work. the placement of one in your own space will provide a place of contemplation, meditation and tranquility.

Tomorrow I will post information on how best to actually go about sourcing and placing a Japanese bridge.

I have several really good photo’s of Japanese bridges in my newly created Japanese garden photo gallery, which is free to all readers of my manual on Japanese gardens.

To find out more go to: www.japzengardens.org

Have a great day.


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