Ornamental Grass In Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog- it is full of photo’s, information and tips for the Japanese garden enthusiast. Take a look on the RIGHT hand side of the page for previous posts, useful links and my Japanese gardens manual at www.japzengardens.org– every reader gets a free Japanese garden phto gallery that I have had professionally produced for readers of the maual. the images are stunning and from all over the world.

Bill Maitland from Ohio e mailed me with a query about Grasses in Japanese gardens. Ornamental grasses are perfect for Japanese gardens, as you know doubt know flowers are not so important in Japanese gardens but grasses, plants and trees are. Ornamental grasses that are well suited to Japanese gardening are : Japanese blood grass, Bamboo, Miscanthus to name but 3.

A common characteristic or ornamental grasses are it’s spiky foilage. In my Japanese gardens photo gallery there are some beautiful examples of ornamnental grasses in tandem with sand, gravel and pebbles all working in tandem to create eye catchingly creative Japanese gardens.

To learn more about ALL aspects of Japanese gardens go to: www.japzengardens.org

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