Japanese Maples In Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog and a big thanks to everyone who has taken part in my survey so far, it is really appreciated. the link to it can be found on the right had side of this page. To find out everything you need to know about Japanese gardens go to: www.japzengardens.org.

Today I am posting after a few subject enquiries on Japanese Maples. I have covered this in part before but these types of trees are an integral part of most Japanese gardens. The good news is there are many varieties to suit most gardeners and there are even hardy ‘larger leaf’ varieties for climates that can vary. A list of what to grown in your Japanese garden can be found in my manual- the simplest easy to understand manual online.

Japanese Maples are so vesatile and there are 5 disctinct shapes for you to consider and learn about.

1) Upright single stemmed ones in a tree form

2) Weeping Maples

3) Upright multi-stem shrubs

4) Dwarf Maples

5) Mounding multi-stem shrubs

If you have a sheltered area for example a good Maple would be something like Acer Palmatum more commonly known as ‘Bloodgood’. These have broad red leaves and are ideal for sheltered areas.

Maples leave many options for great garden design, red leaves, dwarf varieties, maples that change colour ‘Katsura’- this list goes on.

To find out more try my manual at : www.japzengardens.org

Tomorrow I will be posting some beautiful images of a Japanese meditation garden called ‘Peaceland’, so if you are having a stressfull day don’t forget to log on to relax!!

Have a great day and keep your posts and e mails coming! 


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