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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog- the most comprehensive one on the internet.

I am often amazed at the apathy displayed by some groups who are set up for enthusiasts of Japanese gardens, they have the website, they have e mail contact buttons so that you can say hi or ask a question or maybe even want to join! The amount who actually reply are few and far between.

I think they are either defunct groups or perhaps they need a little lesson in admin or even manners! I have been very lucky to have good relations with a lot of fellow Japanese garden lovers and groups and think it is great if we can share information and ideas. One such group is the British Japanese Garden society. Their e mail contact is a lady called Ann and she is friendly and efficient.

If you live in the UK you may be interested in signing up, they have a journal too. Which brings me nicely on to the subject of an e mail newsletter for Japanese gardens. What do you think of this idea? Would you like me to set one up for a small monthly subscription charge- so that I can provide you with ideas, inspiration, reccomendations, special offers, great Japanese garden suppliers around the world etc etc.

If you think this is something that may interest you please let me know. You can post on this blog or if you prefer the personal touch e mail me direct at : zeniboltd@aol.com

I look forward to hearing from you and I reply to all my e mails!!

For thorough information and inspiration on Japanese gardens try my manual at WWW.JAPZENGARDENS.ORG

Simple, detailed, plain English information on Japanese gardens, styles, history, techniques, Tips …you will not be disappointed!!

Have a great day.


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