More Information On Oriental Grasses In Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog. I have spent most of the day out searching for a couple of new Bonsai trees for my conservatory-it’s been fun but I couldn’t find the right dwarfs that I was looking for.

I posted a couple of days ago some basic information about ornamental grasses in Japanese and Asian gardens and I recieved a couple of e mails asking for a bit more information. As always it’s my pleasure to try and give you as much information as you need.

Ornamental grasses are reasonably easy to care for and the good news is that they are raely prone to disease or pests….in some parts of the world like certain areas of the US there is a fungal type disease that can affect them known as ‘Rust’- the classic syptom shows the leaves of the grass to have little orange spots on them. The remedy is to clip off the spotted leaves and throw them away, itshould temper the problem.

As with any gardening and wasteage do not put diseased plants on your compost pile!

Ornamental grasses can also- maybe rather suprisingly be grown in containers to quite a good level but it is important to remember the following if this appeals to you:

You must choose the right size container

Good drainage is a must

Soil content must be good

So must fertilisation of the soil

Watering is VERY important too.

So use pots that have good drainage holes, fertilise the soil at least once a month with liquid fertiliser, water frequently ans pick a big enough pot or container that will allow the plant to grow properly and not be cramped or inhibited.

For more information about Japanese gardens go to:  it’s everything you need to know about Japanese gardens and in a very easy to understand format. Try my manual at your leisure! 


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