The Japanese Gardens At Huntington, L.A. California

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog.

The Japanese gardens in L.A California have been bought to my attention and I haved asked the owners for a couple of photo’s to post on the site. I expect them to be in touch later today.

These gardens are stunning examples of what Japanese gardens are all about. The 3 main elements are present namely Water, Rocks and Plants. George Marsh who opened a Japanese Tea garden in Pasadena was contacted to give his input to these gardens in 1912. It took seventy men nearly five months to move the Tea hopuse, plants and ornaments to the currectn site. Japanese craftsmen built the ‘Moon’ bridge and in 1968, the Zen court and Bonsai court first opened to the public.

The central garden is a private Japanese strolling garden.

The House- is an upper middle class home from the 1800’s Shoin style. It has unpainted surfaces and natural materials so that visitors can appreciate the beauty of nature.

The rock garden also know as Karesansui – which can also be a sand garden or ‘dry’ garden. the classic characteristic of these types of Japanese gardens is that the viewer has to use their imagination to interpret what they are looking at. It si usually viewed from the veranda of a Buddhist temple compound.

The array of trees and plants are beautiful and mostly very traditional and I will post about them in these gardens tomorrow , hopefuly with some pictures for you to enjoy too!

For more information about Japanese gardens try my manual, you can download it in seconds! Go to:

The site for the Huntington Botanical gardens is :

Have a great day and keep your e mails coming. I love to hear from fellow Japanese garden lovers and readers of this blog. 


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