Trees And Plants/Shrubs To See in Huntington Botanical Garden

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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog. There is a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment not least producing all the cd’s for my Japanese Garden Photo gallery. It contains over 100 superb Japanese gardens sphot’s from all over the world and lots of typical design features, elements and examples for you to enjoy. Everyone who has bought my Japanese garden manual will be getting this photo extravaganza free. Try my manual it is written especially for lovers of Japanese gardens in easy to understand plain English it’s at : www.japzen

Ok, lets get on to the issue in hand. Plants, tress and shrubs that you can see in the Huntigton Japanese gardens in Los angeles, California.

There are lots of Bonsai,intentionally dwarfed trees that replicate larger ones of the same variety and are aged bu care and pruning.

You can see Suiseki which are also known as ‘viewing stones’. These can represent humans, an animal or even mountains.

There are Japanese flowering plums, flowering cherry’s, same variety of peach and nectarines and Japanese flowering cheerie’s plus Nanking cherry too.

There is lots of Bamboo- several varieties like clumping, running, dwarf.

the pines include- Japanese black pine, Japanese red pines, Aleppo pines, stone and Canary island pines too.

This is a magnificent set of Japanese gardens and if in the are well worth a visit. Let me know what you think. You can e mail me direct at

Have a great day. 


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