Another GREAT Japanese Garden!

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog- it’s the biggest on the internet whcih makes me happy.

Regular readers will know that I like to spread the word about Japanese gardens around the world and I love to reccomend ones that you should try and visit.

Today try Texas, the lone star state. I love this US state and was fairly recently in Dallas and went to Southfork to do the whole Dallas TV show thing and whilst posing for a photo outside the ranch was bitten by a horse!!!! And you thought JR was dangerous.

I digress, but do try and visit the Fort Worth Botanical gardens in Texas. They are magnificent and I really enjoyed my visit.

The Japanese garden is of particular interest to us as enthusiasts. It was established in 1970 and is 7 acres in size, which for a Japanese garden is pretty big.

It has 3 Koi ponds, waterfalls, Japanese bridges, a teahouse, Pagoda, pavillions and a very peaceful meditation garden!

Go visit you will love it!


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