My Japanese Gardens Manual Is COMPLETE!!

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog. The new all singing and dancing manual is complete and is with my webmaster( well he’s a 21 year old geek student…but boy he’s good!!). You can read all about it at :

I have also been in the process of talking to a company who make a great Japanese garden DVD- it is stunning.

As soon as I have news for you I will post on the subject.

I have had a few emails about Zen and what it means, well for a full explanation in great detail it’s all in the new manual…But I will post some very basic information for you in the next couple of days.

By the way have you seen the table top Zen gardens? Very cute and incredibly authentic!

The photo below just serves to remind us why we love Japanese gardens so much. Look at the stunning image taken by Stephen M Cobb. For me it says it all!! It’s one of a series he took of Portland’s Japnese garden in Oregon- one of the worlds most famous and greatest examples.

Have a great day and thanks for coming.


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