Japanese Garden DVD….Interested?

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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog.

Really good Japanese garden DVD’s are very hard to find. there was one made many years ago narrated by Audrey Hepburn but I have some good news I have found one . If you would be interested in a copy then e mail me at : zeniboltd@aol.com and I will give you details.

The one I am reccomending ties in perfectly with my post of earlier today the Japanese Gardens of Kyoto.

It is 53 minutes long and covers the meaning behing Japanese gardens, the Japanese garden aesthetic, Zen garden culture ,the Tea garden, the Edo garden onwards, the heart in the Japanese garden, Koi epilogue.

That is just a brief description of this excellent DVD that covers the Japanese gardens of Kyoto- it features Yasuo Klitayama who maintains the major temple gardens in Kyoto, Robert Ketchell Japanese garden designer and former head of the UK Japanese Garden society, Marc Keane resident lecturere at Kyoto University and the music is by Joji Hirota veteran of Womad, tv and radio productions and a former student of Kyoto arts university.

If you love Japanese gardens you will really enjoy this DVD. If you would like one e mail me at : zeniboltd@aol.com . Shipped all over the world!

Have a great day, and read about my Japanese garden manual at www.japzengardens.org with a free 100 Japanese garden colour photgraph gallery featuring fascinating aspects of Japanese and Zen gardens!


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