More Of Japan’s Top Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog.

As promised I am posting today the second part of my recomendations for Japan’s most famous and visited Japanese gardens. they are the countries finest examples but regular readers of this blog will know, there are many fine examples all over the world!

In the first post I concentrated on Kyoto- the spiritual home of the Japanes garden. Today I will concentrate some of the others.

Japan’s most famous landscape gardens can be seen in Kanazawa and called the ‘Kenrokuen’ garden.

2 great examples of Japanese style landscape gardens can be found in Takamatsu ( Ritsurin Koen- garden) and in Okayama (Korakuen garden).

In Tokyo there are 4 great gardens to recommend:

Rikugien- many believe this is Tokyo’s finest Japanese garden

Koishikawa Korakuen- a Japanese landscape garden

Hama Rikyu Park- situated along Tokyo bay.

The Palace East gardens- this garden makes up part of Japan’s Imperial palace.

Tomorrow I will post 14 more top Japanese gardens for you to find out more about and discover.

For more information about Japanese gardens in an easy to understand plain English format try my manual at :

Have a great day.


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