Japan’s Japanese Gardens Part 2

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog.

Today I am posting part (2 )of Japan’s most famous and visited Japanese gardens. There are fine examples all over the world and I’ve posted on a lot of them they will be in the archives of this blog towards the bottom right-hand side of the home page. Click away there is some really good photo’s and reccomendations!

Yokohama- Sankeien, is a really spacious beautiful Japanese garden.

Kamakura- the Zuisenji Temple- most famous for it’s Zen gardens.

Mito- Kairakuen garden which has 3000 plum trees!!!

Hiraizumi- Motsuji garden, this has a temple and pure land garden.

Inuyama- Urakuen garden, this garden has a magnificent Tea ceremony house.

Yoshino- Chikurin-in Temple, a Ryokan temple with a stunning garden.

Kobe- right in the city centre is the Sorakuen garden. It’s a landscaped garden.

Himeji- the Kokoen garden is right next to the Himeji castle.

Hiroshima- this city has as you know a history but it also has a fantastic Japanese garden.

Yamaguchi- has a really famous Zen garden at Joeiji Temple.

Dazaifu- Another beautiful Zen garden at Komyozenji.

Kumamoto- Suizenji Koen, a landscape garden that reproduces the Tokaido.

Kagoshima- Senganen is an amazing Japanese style landscaped garden.

Naha- this was the second residence of the second Ryukyu Kings and the garden is called Shikinaen.

If you ever get to travel to Japan, try and visit at least some of these spectacular gardens.It’s fairly easy to get around Japan as they have a marvellous public transport system- so make good use of it! I hope you have found this information useful.

Have a great day.

For everything that you ever wanted to discover about Japanese gardens, I have written a new manual and you can find out more at : WWW.Japzengardens.org


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