Japanese Garden DVD

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As promised here is the information that I said that I would post on a really good Japanese garden DVD that I have come across. It is called ‘Shishu- Japanese Garden Filmed In The Temples And Gardens Of Kyoto’.

The picture of the cover is on this post. It has a running time of 53 minutes and plays in almost all DVD machines worldwide , the manufacturer tells me that it is set up to play on computers as well via Windows Media Player- all computers have this , apart from Mac’s?

The DVD is stunning and features original Japanese music, Zen gardens, Japanese gardens and much more. Kyoto is the spiritual home of Japanese gardens so it’s well worth taking a look at one.

I have 10 DVD’s and it’s a first come first served basis, I have Pay Pal and will accept cheques from the UK and cash from the rest of the world.

I have negotiated a good price – the DVD is £13.00 ( approx 25 USD) Postage to the UK is £2.00, Europe £2.50 and Worldwide including the US/Canada/ Australia is £3.50 ( Approx 6 USD)

Please email me if you would like one : zeniboltd@aol.com

Don’t delay , they will be gone very soon!

Have a great day and I will be back to regular posting tomorrow, I just wanted to tell you asap about this exceptional DVD.


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