What To Avoid In Japanese Zen Gardens

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Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog.

Now I am back in the swing of things, today’s post is about Zen gardens- by far the easier of the Japanese garden varieties to copy and create yourself. A small space in your yard would be sufficient and you can even keep one on your windowsill, kitchen or office table!

Let’s assume that you are contemplating constructing one of simple design in your yard or larger garden. Instructions on how to do this together with some very prudent helpful tips are in my new Japanese gardens manual ‘Japanese and Zen gardens at www.japzengardens.org.

It’s hot off the press right now with an amazing free bonus that you will love.

Anyway, moving forward- I am assuming for the purposes of this post that your Zen garden is complete and there will be a couple of things to bear in mind to keep it as a tranquil haven of meditation and contemplation.

A)Pets and Zen gardens do not mix!! To be fair the same can really be said for children. It is a place of peace not stress so make sure that you can locate it in an appropriate quiet place for full effect and enjoyment.

B) Weeds will be your biggest enemy in a Zen garden and you will need to take great care in eradicating them in the usual way with potions and liquids from your local garden store. Always keep an eye for weed growth , far better to treat them than let them take hold!

That’s it for today, for everything , and I mean EVERYTHING that you will need or want to know about Japanese and Zen gardens go to: www.japzengardens.org

Have a great day.


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