Maples In Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog.

Maples in Japanese gardens are almost the ‘Staple’ diet of these creations.

Did you know for example, there are over 300 different types of Japanese Maples- different colours, big, small, medium size – you name it they are out there.

From dark green foliage to ruby red, they really are the perfect ingredient for a Japanese garden.

Pruning them is fairly straightforward and I have a thorough guide and the pruning techniques required for the best results in my new Japanese garden manual at  .

By the way, there are some design tips for Japanese and Zen gardens in this manual but I would stress it is NOT a design manual per se. Far from it, the manual takes you through all aspects of Japanese and Zen gardens so that you can not only discover their secrets, but,make a calculated informed decision about whether you wish to design one in your own yard or garden.

Japanese Maples are very good for Bonsai and there is a full expalnation on that subject in my manual too.

Have a great day!

Ps If you are new to my blog , on the right hand side you will see ‘Archive’ links, simply click on any given month to see the posts for that period. There is a treasure trove of Japanese garden information and images on this blog. Enjoy!!


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