Albuquerque Japanese Garden New Mexico , US

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Thank you for reading my Japanese gardens blog.

As the blog has gotten more popular- which is nice by the way- the more emails that I get with snippets of information and the odd written request for specific information. If I don’t respond straight away, please give me a day or so as I do like to help all e mailer’s wherever possible.

Hidden Japanese garden gems are what I really enjoy learning about. there are so many the wrold over and thanks to Karen Sisino I can do a small post today about The Sasebo Japanese Garden in Albuquerque’s Biological Park.

The Japanese garden is in the Grande Botanic garden and it features authentic Japanese architecture icluding a wall and tiled roof entry gate. It has a bell tower too. There is stone lanterns, wash basins made of stone and a pagoda.

The contents are made up of Japanese and indigenous South West US plants that visitors will find at their best whatever the season. This garden is beautifully designed and is the work of renowned garden designer Toru Tanaka.

Entance is $7.00 for adults and $3 for children and senior citizens. Those prices will get you admission to the Grande Botanical Garden which includes the Sasebo Japanese garden.

If you get a chance to visit don’t miss out!

Have a great day.


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