Zen Symbology In The Japanese Garden

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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog.

Today I am posting on Zen symbolism in Japanese gardens. Zen is ever present in Japanese gardens and certain key features found in Japanese gardens have their roots in this ancient philosophy.

Stones or Ishi in Japanese

Water- Mizu

Shokubutsu or ‘Plantings’- for example bamboo and plums are a recurrent Zen theme in Japanese gardens.

Bridges- Hashi in Japanese

and Ornaments – Tenkeibutsu

Fences and Gates

There are a more zen influenced ingredients to aJapanese garden as you would expect from a teaching that stretches back thousands of years.

To find out more about Zen and it’s influence in Japanese gardens and how you can easily design and construct your own Zen garden go to: www.japzengardens.org …..it’s all in my new manual which is on special offer right now to readers of this blog.


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