Japanese Strolling Gardens

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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog.

The ‘strolling garden’ has it’s roots in the long history of Japanese gardens. Most if not all of the designs for Japanese gardens originally came to Japan from China. Gradually over time the Japanese adapted the teachings of the Chinese and developed their own garden forms.

The strolling garden is just one variety of Japanese garden. And it does exactly what it says on the tin!

A strolling garden has ‘vistas’- areas that show off it’s best views and the idea is that a visitor would walk from spot to viewing spot to take in the best views. A strolling garden has certain ingredients and rules that need to be observed. It’s history is fairly drawnout and combines, design, elements and the ethos of the strolling garden.

To find out about strolling gardens and Japanese garden history in detail- but in plain easy to understand English- it is one of the chapters in my new Japanese garden manual called ‘Japanese And Zen Gardens’ – read about it at : www.japzengardens.org

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