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Japanese Lanterns…What a selection!


I hope your weekend is going well.

We are approaching spring in the Northern hemisphere and maybe a change or two in your garden? A Japanese garden is a wonderful addition to any space. They don’t have to big- although it’s nice if you have SO much space! If you are thinking of a Japanese garden or simply enjoy visiting them and learning more about them …dare I say that my blog should be perfect for you!

You will be amazed at the simplicity of Japanese gardens once you have found out about the basics. I have a manual that is, I firmly believe the most complete and easy to understand Japanese garden information available online. With it you get a ‘Gallery’ of 100 colour Japanese garden phot’s from all over the world that I have specially sourced for my readers.

Take a look at the information about my manual at ……easy to understand and implement and jargon free! YES! It’s in plain English and available to download instantly! Any questions that you may have please e mail me at the blog’s e mail address, i will be delighted to hear from you.

I have had some enquiries about the Japanese garden DVD that I rccomend. At the moment there are none available but I have just ordered some more and if you are waiting for one as soon as they arrive I will e mail you. Thanks for your patience.

I am working on a FREE report which will be available within a week of so , it’s called ‘101 Things You Should Know About Japanese Gardens’ .This will be an invaluable introduction to Japanese gardens as well as essential information for the more experienced Japanese garden enthusiast. I will post on the blog when this is ready…I am having trouble whittling the list down to just 101 pieces of information as there is so much information to tell you.

That is why my manual is perfect for discovering the history, secrets and culture of Japanese gardens. There is a big section on Zen gardens too!

Have a great day and thanks for reading my Blog.

Ps if you would like to pre-order my FREE report please e mail me at


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