More And More Japanese Garden Enthusiasts Visit My Blog!

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Thank you for visiting my Japanese garden blog. I must say it is such a thrill to keep increasing the visitors to this site. I have posted it’s existence to sites and related groups all over the world and it seems to be paying dividends, with 500 visits alone in the last 3 days. thank you for your e mails and comments too, it always great to hear from you.

A lot of people have written to say how pleased they are with my Japanese garden manual….it is packed with tips, advice, design information, details of what to grow, where and how! …infact if you want to learn more about these unique and beautiful creations it is a no-brainer.

Please take a look at what it made up of for yourself. whether you are experienced or not it REALLY doesn’t matter- it is a complete compendium of Japanese gardens. Plus you will get a FREE 100 colour photo gallery of beautiful, serene Japanese and Zen gardens from all over the world to use as reference material.

 My manual comes with a FULL money back guarantee and it can be easily downloaded at the following website( NO SHIPPING FEES!)- please ‘click’ on the following link:

As of yet, noone has aked for a refund! But you can be safe in the knowledge that if it wasn’t what they were looking for they would want one!

Try it at :

For all e mailer’s to my blog I will be sending you ‘101 Things That You Should Know About Japanese Gardens’ via e -mail. This is great report about essential and interesting facts about Japanese gardens. You will love it.

Any question please e mail me at:  and keep coming back to the blog, there are some great ‘post’ subjects coming up later in the week and at the weekend.

Have a good day.



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