The Sad Passing Of William Corey

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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog.

It was with great sadness that I learnt a couple of days ago of the death of the eminent Japanese garden photographer William Corey. He had been suffering for sometime with cancer, an awful disease that touches so many families.

My sincere condolences go out to William’s family and friends.

I had an ’email’ relationship with William. He allowed me to use some of his beautiful images of Japanese gardens on this blog and was professional and very courteous. We even exchanged links from this blog to his website and vice versa. Every day readers of our respective websites visit both mine and William’s webpages.

I shall miss him and would urge you to click on the link to Williams website on the right hand side of the blog page and you too will be able to appreciate his tremendous skill and eye for detail. I thank him for his help and support and hope that he rests in peace.

The link below is to information that will tell you as lot more about William and his life and work.

Thanks for reading my Japanese gardens blog and please do come back.

Kind regards





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