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Thanks for reading my Japanese garden blog.

I have recieved a significant amount of e mails from readers expressing an interest in my new Japanese garden manual called ‘Japanese and Zen Gardens’.

 This is readily available from my website as a ‘download’, which means you purchase the manual electronically and the manual and bonus of 100 Japanese garden photographs from around the world is delivered automatically to the buyers computer by e mail. When the email is recieved the buyer simply saves the manual and bonus material onto their computer.

The website is : www.japzengardens.org

However, a number of people have expressed and interest in purchasing the manual but in a more traditonal format- what I call ‘Hard’. Put simply this is a fully printed manual as in the photograph in this post. You will see that it is bound, A4 size and provides a wealth of information, history, tips, explanations on the art of Japanese gardening.

This manual is now available in this format and at a discount too! Only for a period of the whole of June 2008. If you take a look at my site: www.japzengardens.org you can see exactly what you will get in terms of information and bonuses!

If you would prefer the printed manual (see photo) then this is how you can purchase it and it will be posted to you the same day as you order!

1) Send a cheque or postal order (UK only) for £10.99 to:

Japanese and Zen Gardens

36, Firs Walk




(cheques should be made payable to: Zenibo marketing Ltd -POSTAGE is INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE-UK only)


2) I accept international Pay Pal orders in pounds sterling for £10.99 plus postage of £2.00 making at total payable of £12.99 to have my manual delivered straight to your door.My pay pal payment e mail is : zeniboltd@aol.com

(please note the total cost of this is approx $25.00 USD)

My ‘Japanese and Zen Gardens’ manual comes with a 30 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE should you decide that it is not for you…no questions or quibbling from me. So you have absolutely no worries on that score.

I am convinced that you will think that my  manual is terrific value at this offer price and you will understand and learn so much about Japanese gardens and Zen gardens!


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