Things To Know About Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for visiting my Japanese gardens blog! It’s the internets biggest and most visited. Something that if I say so myself, I am rather proud of. Japanese gardens are such amazing crations and they can be huge or suitably small.

But…and it’s a BIG but …don’t rush in like a bull in a china shop to design your own for example, you really need to study the basics and then you will become confident and get the desired result!!

There are so many aspects of Japanese and Zen gardens to learn, and , let’s face it it’s not going to be like a school lesson- because you are obviously interested in them otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading my blog.

Let me give you a few examples of things that Japanese gardens require or need:

There are essentially 5 types of Japanese gardens     How many are you aware of?

Mounds symbolise mountains

Japanese gardens are all about ’emotions’ and ‘feelings’   Can you think of reasons why?

Did you know that ‘worship’ in a Japanese garden is done for a specific reason?

Would you know why Japanese gardens feature lots of water?  It’s moreobvious than you might think!

All these questions are answered in my manual ‘Japanese and Zen Gardens’  It could be yours in minutes and you can discover the secrets of Japanese gardens and Zen gardens at :

It’s time to discover the history, tradition and significance of these beautiful, meaningful creations and designs, just click the link above.

Please bookmark my blog, posts are regular and fast and furious! Coming soon I am introducing ‘video’ footage to this blog featuring lots of aspects of Japanese gardens!

Have a good day.


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