Which Style Of Japanese Garden To Design?

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A frequently asked question that readers of this blog ask is ‘What type of Japanese garden can I design?’.

As you may be aware, there are sevral types of Japanese garden and a certain amount of traditional hard and fast rules BUT there is absolutely nothing wrong with merging a couple of different types of Japanese garden into one area. Japanese garden snobs may frown upon it, but don’t let it cloud your desires or vision. There is NOTHING wrong with this at all.

To discover the various types of Japanese gardens read my easy to understand manual at : www.japzengardens.org

there are many styules to choose from when planning a Japanese garden. You may want water- i.e a central pond, bridges, rocks, a relaxation or viewing area, dry water…the list is endless.

Average sized yards or gardens are ideal for a Japanese garden. If you have a smaller area a ‘Zen’ garden may be more in keeping with the aesthetics of your space. These gardens were designed and used by Buddhist monks and in general comprise of bolders and rocks and gravel/ or sand. A rake is used to mark the sand for a water effect. Zen gardens are supposed to be places of tranquility and help ‘clear’ the mind. Meditation is common and effective in a Zen garden which should be viwed from one place.

The only time a Zen garden is entered is to rake the gravel/ or sand as previously referred to in the article.

For Japanese gardens you have numerous choices with many historical and design facets. these are easy to grasp and simple to execute but you must aquire knowledge first!

Try: www.japzengardens.org  it can be yours in minutes with a bonus of over 100 inspiring colour photgraphs of Japanese gardens and Zen gardens from all over the world.

Have a great day and please come back to my blog!


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