Japanese Ancestors And Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for visiting my Japanese garden blog.

The Japanese believe that when ancestors die they go ‘rest’ in the mountains. This is in simplistic terms why rocks symbolising mountains are found in Japanese and Zen gardens. The picture in my previous post beautifully demonstrates this point- take a look, it will be below this post on the web page.

Rocks are SO symbolic and have very important meaning in Japanese gardens- ie: types, arrangement, positioning. Usually in addition to a rock(s) a stone vessel is present in a Japanese garden to allow the visitor to wash their face and hands before worshipping. a hand basin supports the religious meaning of a Japanese garden.

This is just a taster of just one important aspect of Japanese gardens. To discover more on this subject and all fascinating aspects of Japanese and Zen gardens read my manual- easy to understand, in plain english- it’s the most comprehensive gathering of Japanese garden information on the internet.


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