A Time To Relax Over The Holiday Weekend!

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Thanks for visitng my Japanese gardens blog and I wish you a very happy Easter and hope your holiday weekend is relaxing and enjoyable.

I am posting today a few articles that I have recently written and all you have to do to read them is CLICK on the links below:

http://www.japzengardens.org/japaneseteagarden.htm   This article is about ‘Japanese Tea Gardens’

http://www.japzengardens.org/japanesegardendesigndrywater.htm   This one is about the use of ‘DRY’ water in Japanese gardens and their design

http://www.japzengardens.org/historyofjapanesegardens.htm  and this last article I am posting today will give you an insight into the history of Japanese gardens

I hope that you enjoy reading them and I also have a FREE Japanese garden video for you to enjoy , you can see it by clicking on this link:  www.japzengardens.org/freevideo.htm



PS on Sunday I am posting on the difference between Japanese and Zen Gardens.



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