More Japanese Garden Video’s On Our YOUTUBE Channel

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Thanks for visiting my Japanese garden blog. there is so much here for you to take a look at from articles, to a video, our Japanese garden photo gallery and there are lots of images on this blog, so please do take some time to search through the articles and posts because I guarantee if you are interested in Japanese gardens there is something here for you!

If you want to learn more take a look at my video on the subject or check out my Japanese garden manual at this webpage:

We have a YOUTUBE channel and it can be viewed at our YouTube site the web address is :

We are adding really beautiful and informative video’s from all over the world. Infact I just upoaded one yesterday that teaches you how to make a MINI ZEN GARDEN at home out of odds and ends.

Take a look at :

Finally , you can sign up to my Japanese garden NEWSLETTER at the foot of my manual webpage, it’s FREE.

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