Chaniwa Japanese gardens

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Thanks for reading this post on my Japanese gardens blog.

The Tea ceremony in Japanese gardens is carried out more often than not in a Chaniwa garden.
These date back as far as the 14th Century and I can confirm that it is not a garden strictly speaking, although for the peupose of explanation it’s easier to consider it as one.

A Chaniwa gardens charcteristics revolve around a beautifully carefully planned, designed and constructed path that is made up of stepping stones. The Chaniwa garden would have stone waterbasins allowing visitors and guests to wash their hands before taking part in the Tea ceremony.

These types of ‘garden’ get their name from the Japanese word for the Tea House ‘Chaniwa’- that is the only reason why the name is popular. More often than not you can read about their make up and design as part of any reading up you would like to do on Tea gardens and the Tea ceremony.

Chaniwa gardens are peaceful and serene exactly what the designers would be looking for. Visitors can enjoy solitude and enlightenment and practice forms of meditation as the surroundings should be perfect. They are perfect examples of Japanese garden culture and Japanese culture as the two are inter woven. The slightly bad news is that they are rarely open to the public. But with a bit of ploite enterprise….you never know.

My Japanese garden manual has a major section on Tea gardens and the Tea ceremony. You can find out about my resource manual at this website:

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