Japanese Gardens Has Broken Records!!

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Thanks for visiting my Japanese gardens blog where you can find out all things about Japanese gardens, Zen gardens and even subjects that are related like Bonsai fro example. It’s packed with tips, articles, video’s and images and we really value your visiting and comments. Please enjoy all this information.

Today we have surpassed our 60,000th visitor and we are giving our selves a pat on the back. We love providing you with all the information that you need and desire about Japanese and Zen gardens and we trust you will come back.

Two things to share with you….coming soon we will be able to put you in touch with a fantastic Japanese garden company who stock everything and I mean everything to do with Japanese gardens, their design and maintenance. They are THE experts on a practical level. ALSO, keep coming back as I will be posting in the next week or so some AUDIO for you to listen to which will be a preview of our new Japanese garden resource manual which will be compatible with iPhones,iPads etc and all MP3 players.

Anyway for now have a great weekend and thanks for making us the World’s number one Japanese garden blog on Google!! 60,000 visitors and counting.

I wish you health and peace.



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